Winning elections: a system for campaigning

This is the landing page for a series of posts I’m writing that provides the framework of a system through which an election campaign in a multiparty democracy can be won. It is written from the perspective advising a non-incumbent party, that already has a political presence, and the resources to access various media platforms. Unless otherwise stated, the posts below are “first drafts”, and do not always reflect my current theoretical framework.

As a disclaimer: I have no current affiliation or consultative role with any political organization.


  • An election environment that is largely “free and fair”
  • Equitable access to mainstream media for the party implementing the system, though it may be contingent on financial and other resources.
  • Internal party politics and dynamics are presumed to be stable.

A note on theory

In terms of theories outlined in the next section, it is emphasised that these have been simplified and adapted to fit the specific scenario covered by the system.

We believe that we have not distorted or misrepresented those theories, but have applied interpretations that suit our purposes.


These are in reading order and not in order of publication. Therefore, there may be inconsistencies.