the big Other(s)

I'm reading the book, "Six Moments in Lacan: Communication and identification in psychology and psychoanalysis" and the first chapter immediately struck me as providing a way to analyse seemingly irreconcilable political divides globally and in the US in particular. I've chosen to cite some findings from PRRI's 2021 American Values Survey to give context to … Continue reading the big Other(s)

Stenner, authoritarianism & winning over status quo conservatives

As someone from the left/liberal camp, a fascinating Twitter thread led me to discovering potential communication tactics for "status quo conservatives" and how to differentiate them from voters with authoritarian tendencies. The tweets are largely based on the work of Karen Stenner, a political psychologist and behavioural economist. Stenner's research leads her to conclude … Continue reading Stenner, authoritarianism & winning over status quo conservatives

Constructing reality: COVID & economy messaging in Sri Lanka

Prior to reading this, it may help to read my page on Constructing Reality, which gives some basic theoretical background to this blog post. I’ve had a long-standing interest in how reality can be constructed, especially in a political context. Currently, it’s possible to observe this happening in Sri Lanka in a very instructive manner. … Continue reading Constructing reality: COVID & economy messaging in Sri Lanka

(e)Merging within a Movement

PART 3 of Constructing a Party As the diagram illustrates, the Movement coalesces and gives form to the ideological goals of the Party. It is where the Party and the Subject(s) form a group identity based on a common ideology. It encompasses those who are directly linked to the party, as well as those who … Continue reading (e)Merging within a Movement

Ideological Apparatuses & Interpellation

PART 2 of Constructing a Party As the diagram shows, the Party will have to follow a process in order to propagate its ideology. In this conceptual framework, ideological apparatuses as conceived by Althusser become useful. These provide the tools by which the Party can inculcate the public with its message. It is important to … Continue reading Ideological Apparatuses & Interpellation

The importance of Ideology

PART 1 of Constructing a Party As part of a larger writing project about building a political organization from the ground up, one thing I've been working on is conveying the importance of ideology. Too often, either policies are substituted for an ideology or the ideological pronouncements reflect the personal beliefs of technocrats in the … Continue reading The importance of Ideology

#Gamestop #Wallstreetbets: Insurrection

As I pointed out in multiple tweets as the story entered the mainstream, it is an error to look upon the Gamestop / Wallstreetbets event as a purely financial matter.  Instead, the motivation of those driving up the share prices reflects something far greater.  The people investing today are driven by righteous anger, about generational … Continue reading #Gamestop #Wallstreetbets: Insurrection

Thoughts on imagined realities, fictional constructs & January 6th

In a previous blog post I made these assertions: A unique quality of humans is our ability to create imagined realities.Many things that are fundamental to society are fictional constructs.Therefore, humans were always ripe to be exploited by fake news.It is only the increased ability to propagate fake news and the end of gate-keeping caused … Continue reading Thoughts on imagined realities, fictional constructs & January 6th

The election: What I got right & wrong

A post election round-up of what I got right and where I was wrong. It's a follow-up to my earlier post on "Why Biden will win". To summarise: while I got the outlines of the result and pathway to victory correct, I got aspects of the electorate dramatically wrong. What I got wrongThe Trump baseThe pollsThe issuesWhat I got … Continue reading The election: What I got right & wrong