the big Other(s)

I’m reading the book, “Six Moments in Lacan: Communication and identification in psychology and psychoanalysis” and the first chapter immediately struck me as providing a way to analyse seemingly irreconcilable political divides globally and in the US in particular. I’ve chosen to cite some findings from PRRI’s 2021 American Values Survey to give context to … Continue reading the big Other(s)

Stenner, authoritarianism & winning over status quo conservatives

As someone from the left/liberal camp, a fascinating Twitter thread led me to discovering potential communication tactics for “status quo conservatives” and how to differentiate them from voters with authoritarian tendencies. The tweets are largely based on the work of Karen Stenner, a political psychologist and behavioural economist. Stenner’s research leads her to conclude that: … Continue reading Stenner, authoritarianism & winning over status quo conservatives


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