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The Political Disruption Model v1

Rajit Hewagama

I’ve been working on a model of political disruption that covers challenges to mainstream parties and politics. This includes situations where the ultimate goal was achieved, as in the case of the Trump campaign or ones that have significantly shifted the political landscape, such as Corbyn with the Labour Party in the UK and Bernie Sanders ongoing efforts with the Democratic Party.

These are what I currently see as the main criteria for successful disruption.

CriteriaDescriptionMore Reading
Zeitgeist The word zeitgeist is overused and cliched but it is the best definition of this criteria — the campaign has to be in harmony with the “spirit of the times”.
IdeologyIt’s important to note that this does not require a coherent worldview or specific policies. It simply means being able to stake out positions and express sentiments in tune with the zeitgeist.http://politicspolicymedia.com/trump-lessons-part-2-ideology/
Personal Branding Having a campaign figurehead that the media wants to cover is important for earned media, which is vital in the agenda-setting role the mass media still plays.http://politicspolicymedia.com/agenda-setting-donald-trump/
Disintermediation of Gatekeepers.In terms of media gatekeepers, this is largely influenced by the adoption of digital platforms. The more content disruptive campaigns can push out digitally to the target audience and the wider the reach of this content, the easier it is to bypass traditional gatekeepers. The situation is more complicated with internal gatekeepers within political organisations.http://politicspolicymedia.com/unscaling-disintermediation-political-parties/


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Rajit Hewagama
Rajit Hewagama

A highly experienced digital strategist, with an extensive background in social media marketing and e-commerce and has served as an online communications strategist for national level political and cause-based


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Politics, Policy & Media campaigns, elections and communications