Monopolies, Twitter280 & mixed campaign messaging: Sunday Note

Between being (sadly un-enjoyably) busy and being ill, my blog posting has temporarily ground to a halt. However, the increase in the character limit of tweets has been a blessing and I’ll leave the greatest hits of the last week here until I can blog properly.

Amazon vs. Walmart Omnichannel retailing

Monopolies, Big tech & Entrepreneurs

A pet topic of mine. The cult of the entrepreneur is something I have little time for and in Sri Lanka, there is no shortage of tech entrepreneurs who are willing to wax forth on public policy despite investing no time in educating themselves on the subject matter.

The main thrust of the article was regarding the increasing dangers of monopolistic forces, and this too was a good article:

While barriers to entry may be lowering, new barriers are being created. This something I will explore further.

Campaigns, Incumbency and Opposition messaging

I was very vocal about this the aftermath of the Sri Lankan elections of 2015, regarding the change in communication strategy required by the new government.

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