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ArchiveFebruary 2017

FT.LK: Media ethics & advertorials in Sri Lanka


Cross-posted on socialmedia.lk This article on the ft.lk is an example of dubious media ethics in Sri Lanka. I point it out not to nitpick, but because it is indicative of an industry that is crucial to the health of a nation. A robust and trustworthy news industry is a vital component of a healthy society. The ft.lk newspaper seems to be using technology provided by a company called Emojet to...

Facebook vs. YouTube: battling over music


Two recent analyses highlighted an increasingly heated battle over the dominant player in music video streaming. Music video is streaming music’s killer app. According to MIDiA’s latest consumer survey, 45% of consumers watch music videos on YouTube or Vevo every month, while 25% of consumers use YouTube for music every week (more than any of the streaming audio services). So what YouTube and...

Gary Hart and why Trump was inevitable.


We’re all going to have to seriously question the system for selecting our national leaders, for it reduces the press of this nation to hunters and Presidential candidates to being hunted. In an episode of the excellent Axe-Files podcast featuring the equally excellent Matt Bai, the Gary Hary scandal and Bai’s book on it were discussed. Having only a passing familiarity with the...

Politics, Policy & Media campaigns, elections and communications